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Dear Coweta County School System Parents and Students,

It is encouraging to return to school this week with a forecast that does not include snow and ice. As of this week, we have missed six days due to inclement weather or due to forecasts that included high risk for dangerous travel.  After considering several approaches, we are seeking input from parents, teachers, and students on two options below for making up lost instructional time.

Please provide your thoughts by participating in an online survey here.  This survey will be open through Thursday, January 25.

Along with most school systems in Georgia, the Coweta County School System has a flexibility contract with the state that is called a Strategic Waiver School System (SWSS) contract.  This means we are not required by law or state board rule to make up days that are missed.  In other words, it is up to us as a local school system to decide if we make up missed days.  As with any decision that impacts schedules, there are many factors to consider.


- We can adjust the Milestones End of Grade (elementary and middle) testing dates to gain up to three additional days of instruction before the test without adding make-up days to the calendar.

- Attendance on make-up days must be considered to determine the potential effectiveness of holding a make-up day.

- Digital learning opportunities can be counted as make-up time and could be implemented and completed from home.  

With that in mind, please indicate your preference hereon the following options for addressing some of the instructional time that has been missed.

 ·   Option 1 - Do not make up missed days.  Move the End of Grade Milestones administration for elementary and middle grades back three days.  High school End of Course assessments are already scheduled as late as possible.  Teachers will adjust and prioritize instruction including the use of digital instructional opportunities as necessary.
·   Option 2 - Make up missed days by having school on February 22 and February 23 (inclement weather make-up days).

With several weeks of winter weather remaining, we will reserve March 9th (Teacher Workday) as a potential day for make-up if we miss additional days due to inclement weather.  We ask that parents, students and staff keep that day open in the event that we need to use it to make up any additional time lost to winter weather.